From Dog Account to Tinder Account

“I’ve always been interested in online marketing and technology and about 5 years ago I spotted a gap in the market for a new type of agency, specialised in influence marketing.

Because I’m curious and I like to play around with stuff, one afternoon I decided to create an Instagram account for my dog and within a few weeks we had thousands of followers. Then I created an account for a friend who is a skiing instructor, and then for a personal trainer. In a few weeks the accounts started to get traction and people and brands started to show interest.

At the same time I’m playing around with these accounts I’m working as a freelance consultant in a really cool studio in South London called Camberwell Studios and I’m seeing some really exciting clients day in day out and I spot an opportunity because at that point I see a company called Billion Dollar Boy.

I checked them out and they had this amazing portfolio of brands and influencer campaigns and I decide I wanted to help them expand. So ever willing to reach out and fully aware I’m likely to get a no, I asked them for a coffee….. which they grant me.
A few weeks later I started to work with Billion Dollar Boy and those super cool influencers and brands that I had seen.

So I structured and directed the new team in Brazil to rollout the new venture. Tinder were our first clients in Brazil and a year later we took a chance to partner up with Co-Creators to go to Coachella on a proprietary innovative format, The Creators House – a house with the biggest influencers creating live and engaging content like a reality show with compelling creative storytellings sponsored by brands.

I reached out to Tinder and explained what we were going to do and  they were really excited about the idea of being the main sponsors of the Creators House Coachella and on behold they promised us a figure that would cover our base costs. Suddenly we had all of the brands wanting to jump on with us, including JBL, Absolut, L’Oreal, Ray-Ban, Nutella, Fanta and many others who joined us as official sponsors in the 7 editions of the Creators House in Rock In Rio, Lollapalloza, Coachella and Salvador Carnival.

Things started to snowball and snowball: we were working closely with media partners like Google, Facebook and MTV creating projects and prospecting clients together – many other global brands now wanted to work with us right up to the Olympic Games and Football World Cup.”

For more information on digital strategy through to technology and neuro-marketing solutions, I can provide a fully-integrated global consulting approach to businesses.

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